Dr. Lagen helps injured workers

through the

Workers Compensation (L&I) System

Injured Workers Need an Advocate

If you or a loved one is injured on the job, you need a doctor who can provide you the right medical and rehabilitation referrals and navigate the Workers Compensation System.

  • If you or a loved one are injured on the job, you need to focus on healing. The stress of managing care, paper work, and navigating Workers Comp can be too much!

  • Many healthcare providers do not have time or staff to manage Workers Comp claim processes, and the communication necessary to get you back to work.

  • Dr. Thomas H. Lagen and his team will guide you through each step of the return to work process. We review your situation and get you started on the road to success.

  • We move through the workers' compensation process with you, advising you each step of the way. 

  • We are your return to work doctor. Because we act as your Attending Provider of Record, the care and time we provide is part of your workers comp claim. So, there is NO COST TO YOU.


You need a advocate to help you work through the workers comp system, making sure that your injury is improving and your claim is managed properly.

Thomas H. Lagen, MD specializes in providing active care coordination for injured workers to prevent unnecessary delays or gaps in medical services returning you back to your everyday life, as safely and quickly as possible.

Using our knowledge and experience, our team is exclusively focused on helping injured workers get the necessary medical/surgical and other types of services to help you return to the workplace.

We provide services for injured workers throughout Washington and on a case by case basis from other states.



Dr. Lagen's 5 Point Process

You have a lot on your plate. You need an advocate you can count on to navigate a less stressful and more effective recovery – and your return to work.

We’re here to help.   What you can expect with Dr. Lagen:

Dr. Lagen reviews all of your medical records and L&I claims info available

1. Gather Your Medical Records

We gather and review all of your medical records and workers comp documentation, from the time of injury to today.

Injured workers often feel like they are in a maze, Dr. Lagen can manage this for you

2. Set in Motion an Effective Claim Management Plan

With this information, we then set in motion an effective claim management plan including medical/surgical and PT/Rehab services.

We are experts in following up with each of your specialists, vocational counselors, case managers and others

3. Monitor Progress

  • We continually monitor the course of the injured worker through all phases of the return to work process, ensuring that each step happens in sequence, with no unnecessary delays or gaps.

  • We are in constant contact with all providers, claims managers, attorneys, and other stakeholders ensuring timely claim progress, minimizing communication delays and misunderstandings.

Making sure that the final stages of a WC claim is critical. The right people have to be involved, and the right measurements need to be in place.

4. Return to Work Capabilities are Determined

During the final stages of your treatment, most often Physical Therapy (PT) / Occupational Therapy (OT), there is a collaboration with vocational services using job analyses, the results from your rehabilitation work, and the Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) to determine your return to work capabilities or perhaps job retraining.

Our goal is to return our patients to work, and their everyday life. Closing the L&I claim helps everyone as well.

5. You have successfully navigated the WC system!

Closing of the claim, moving on with your life.

Dr. Lagen is an easy to talk to doctor. He listens to your experience. He has the knowledge and experience to get you the care you need, while managing the workers compensation process. He wants to see you return to your everyday life.



I attended St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed my residency in Family Medicine through the St. John’s Hospital System in Grosse Pointe, MI. After training, I moved to the Vancouver, WA area where I worked as a family practitioner which included having a family practice clinic.

In the last 11 years I became involved in occupational medicine and quickly realized that navigating through the bureaucracy of a work comp claim can be complicated, confusing and for many discouraging and frustrating.


To better help injured workers, I opened a medical office focused exclusively on helping workers injured on the job move through the work comp process. By providing practical, sensible evidence-informed medical guidance the mission is to minimize the worker’s time away from work and develop a clear path to successful claim resolution.



Reopening closed claims requires accurate assessments and proper filing of applications. Dr. Lagen has the knowledge and skills to help you, your client, or family member through this process.

There are times when it is necessary to reopen a Workers' Comp claim. In this situation we will help you accurately assess your current situation, order necessary diagnostic studies and fill out and file the Reopening Application.

Reviewing medical records for attorneys and claims representatives is one of our team's specialities. We identify the medically based core of claims or disputes.

Helping attorneys and claims representatives review medically related cases is one of our specialties. We provide a clearly written report that gets to the scientific, medically based core of a claim or dispute.


Let Dr. Lagen and his team help you return to your everyday life and work as quickly and safely as possible.


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